Scent Profiles

Compare each of LODGE's seven scents in detail below to find what matches you and your tastes best, or take our new quiz!


This special edition Matriarch scent is made exclusively for this year’s Indigenous People’s History Month. This candle honours the strong, beautiful, powerful Indigenous women leaders who uplift their families and communities as paragons of wisdom, resilience, and security. Matriarch is an authentic blend of sage, rose, rosewood, and cypress essential oils that creates a balanced scent profile of woodsy, earthy, and sensual floral notes. All together, this special edition candle evokes healing and self-love, opening your heart and raising your vibration.


This candle encapsulates the feeling of ceremony, of sitting in prayer beside a sacred fire in complete serenity. Made with essential oils from our four most important, Indigenous medicinal plants, cedar, sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco, this best-seller transports you to a sacred place during your own daily rituals or meditation practice. Ceremony’s holistic scent is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, soothing, and protective, bringing you peace, clarity, positive energy, and healing with each burn.


For the rainy days, when you're feeling down: if you’re stressed from work, frustrated about life, or worrying about loved ones, lighting Smudge gives you instant calm. This candle soothes you, your mind, your anxieties, and transports you to your happy place. Perhaps an easy afternoon with a good book in one hand and a warm cup of tea in another, and you at total peace. Smudge is a delicate, subtle scent infused with sweetgrass that purifies, uplifts, and brings positive energy to any environment.

Power Smudge

Before the seemingly endless work day and your never-ending to-do list, recharge, refresh, and celebrate the calm before the storm with Power Smudge. A symphony of sweetgrass and sage, this calming scent is doubly powerful with the two essential oils from our traditional medicines. Sweetgrass and sage is often used for purification and cleansing oneself and one's space, helping you step out into the world with your best foot forward. Let Power Smudge be your springboard into the day, every day.

Indian Summer

Craving some me time? Satisfy your red-hot appetite with Indian Summer by LODGE. This candle transforms your room to a lusty August night, the sky decorated with clouds as golden and sensual as you are. This warm and spicy blend of pumpkin and cinnamon with a hint of patchouli makes this scent an irresistible treat for the senses. What are you waiting for? Ignite your Indian Summer.

Giving Thanks

Imagine fallen leaves, the cool and crisp air, and indulgent dinners made with love. What if you could experience such autumnal bliss whenever you want? This sumptuous infusion of cranberry, dark patchouli, cinnamon, and spices, bring to mind the warm memories of special family gatherings, no matter the time of year. Reward your senses and yourself with this aromatic banquet every time you light up Giving Thanks.

Woodland Forest

For that same feeling of growth and renewal you get when winter changes to spring, invite Mother Nature into your home with Woodland Forest! Trust us, you’ll want to stay here awhile, even after months of being locked indoors. This scent brings you the freshness of the forest with the natural essences of fir, pine, and cedar trees, creating a wonderful, energizing ambience, wherever you are!