Matriarch & Grandmother's Voice Collaboration

LODGE Soy Candles in collaboration with Grandmother's Voice, is pleased to announce  we will be contributing 40% of sales from our Matriarch 10oz Soy Candles until Mother's Day (May 12th) to support their upcoming Youth & Elders Conference June 21st, 2024 (National Indigenous People's Day and the summer solstice). Your purchase will help offset the costs of bringing Indigenous youth and elders together so they can share important cultural knowledge and teachings enabling the next generations to learn their culture and heal.

Grandmother’s Voice is a visionary Indigenous organization that aims to unite Indigenous voices while extending a warm invitation to individuals from all directions.
With deep reverence for the timeless wisdom carried by Grandmothers, they endeavor to be a source of healing and unity within communities. 

Their mission is to revive and amplify these Ancestral insights and values, nurturing them for generations to come.

Grandmother's Voice extends their hands to individuals, corporations, and organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, inviting them to join in embracing the teachings of Indigenous Ancestors, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Through this collaboration, they aspire to craft a tapestry of Hope, Heart, and Healing that envelops all.

Empowering communities across the Halton region, their organization serves as a beacon for building awareness and fostering connectedness. Rooted in their home base, they are dedicated to enhancing capacity and illuminating the landscape of Indigenous social services and determinants of health in the region. Join them on this transformative journey as they strive to strengthen bonds, raise awareness, and contribute to the well-being of our community. To learn more about Grandmother's Voice you can visit their website:

LODGE Soy Candles Matriarch collection banner

Matriarch – an incredible scent created to honour the strong, beautiful and powerful Indigenous women leaders who uplift their families and communities by being examples of wisdom, resilience and security. This authentic blend of Sage, Rose, Rosewood and Cypress Essential Oils creates a beautiful balance of woodsy, earthy and sensual floral notes that evoke healing and self-love while opening your heart and raising your vibration.


calms nervous system, hormone balancing, activates intuition, wisdom, tranquility, calm, contentment, self-love, sexuality.



sacred flower, enhances beauty, protective, combats anxiety, hopeful, optimistic, comforting, stimulates sexual desire, opens the heart.



aphrodisiac, peace and security, grounding, abundance, heart healing, relaxing, emotional stability, feminine wisdom, raises vibration.


strength, serenity, transformation, balances emotions such as deep grief and despair, uplifting energy, expands your perception, trust, wisdom, comfort, healing and protection.


Indigenous Design - Made In Canada