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    Happy summer solstice!

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We're getting closer to the Summer Solstice, a day we look forward to half of the year to celebrate the longest day of life. Let us honour Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun together with our own sacred fire ceremony.

―Angela DeMontigny ~ She Who Walks With Honour

Founder + Designer

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Winter Solstice Maskwa

I love all my LODGE candles, particularly the Ceremony editions. My particular favourite is Summer Solstice, so ordered two this time, as I will be lighting this candle nightly throughout the coming Summer months! Thank you for the subtle, intoxicating scents in ALL your candles. HAPPY SUMMER!!!💖🍁

— K.E. (Liz) Larsen

In love with this candle (Matriarch)- excited to order more. And more, to gift these to my wonderful clients...

This is probably the most beautiful candle I’ve ever received. The scent is wonderful - light yet powerful. The burn is slow. And the packaging is delightful. Will be back for more <3

— Lynnea Marie Gillingham 

I have purchased the ceremonial candle and smudge spray for myself and as a gift for my sister. We love the scent and how it supports us spiritually. I definitely plan to purchase more in the future. I’m also very grateful for the way it was packaged and the thoughtful note that came with it.

— Raeanne McLean

The winter Solstice Maskwa Fragrance lifted and transported my spirit in seconds. I am very pleased with this purchase (even 2 weeks later). 
Miigwetch Angela De Montigny for this Healing Fragrance and the opportunity to support Women Centers❤️ 

— Rochon-Cha8noinini.

“I have lit a whole lot of candles in my life and yours help me feel safe and seen and loved. It’s quite amazing. They feel like Kin.” ♥️

— Asha Frost

ᒫᒪᐏ mâmawi (together) in community

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