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“Life is a ceremony... take good care of your lodges—your dwelling, your mind, body and spirit—so you can live a happy and healthy life.”

―Angela DeMontigny, Founder + Designer

LODGE's Creation Story

Winter Solstice Maskwa

2022 Collaborations

Ceremony Collection

SUMMER SOLSTICE ~ Medicine Collaboration w/ Asha Frost & Janelle Desrosiers

Infused Soy Candles


Travel Tins


“I LOVE and am GRATEFUL for your unique healing candles!”

— Sam Snidal (Ontario)

In love with this candle (Matriarch)- excited to order more. And more, to gift these to my wonderful clients...

This is probably the most beautiful candle I’ve ever received. The scent is wonderful - light yet powerful. The burn is slow. And the packaging is delightful. Will be back for more <3

— Lynnea Marie Gillingham 

“My altar now feels complete with these sacred Ceremony candles. Hand poured in Ontario and they smell incredible!"

— @madrinadellaterra

"My new favourite. 💜 If you are looking for a treat, I highly recommend. I use it as I would medicine, once or twice a day. The owner is truly a wonderful human being who applies integrity to her works and products. Indigenous and Canadian owned business."

— Shelly Adam (Houston, TX)

“I have lit a whole lot of candles in my life and yours help me feel safe and seen and loved. It’s quite amazing. They feel like Kin.” ♥️

— Asha Frost

ᒫᒪᐏ mâmawi (together) in community

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