Angela DeMontigny's All Our Relations

Aside from LODGE and her DeMontigny Boutique, Angela DeMontigny has been sharing her artistic expertise with the city of Hamilton's history and skyline, with the West Harbour - James Street Plaza Public Art Project. Firstly with their beautiful hand-blown glass votives, she partners once again with talented glass artist, Paull Rodrigue, on "All Our Relations". This most recent accomplishment will change the face of Hamilton's waterfront for years to come and become part of DeMontigny's permanent artistic legacy.

Concept Statement by Angela DeMontigny

As an Indigenous designer and artist, I always acknowledge the importance of land, the natural world, the universe (sky world) and the spirit world. I wanted to provide a visual reminder - also in keeping with the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving address - to those who will live on the waterfront and those who visit, of the beauty that surrounds us every day and recognition of the Indigenous people whose land this was originally. My concept for this public art piece recognizes and honours this - visually giving thanks to ‘All Our Relations’. The illustrations consist of the land, the water, the creatures that swim, the winged ones, the four-leggeds and the Thunderbirds, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, our ancestors the stars and the historical original peoples of this area, including the Haudenosaunee, Mississauga and other nations who have called this area home.

Description of the Work:

All Our Relations is a series of five, 40’ tall works made of steel and glass. Each piece presents the designs created by Angela Demontigny through the use of 10,000 handmade glass beads created by local craftsperson Paull Rodrigue. The beads are suspended in a steel structure - giving them strength and allowing the composition to remain true. The composition references the bead working practice of numerous Indigenous cultures, and more specifically the bead work within Angela’s fashion design practice.

Once installed, the glass in the works will allow the stunning light of the waterfront to influence the design, and they will cast a brilliant shows and colours throughout the James North Plaza.


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