Special Edition 10oz White Frosted Glass Soy Candles

These select LODGE soy candle scents are available in Special Edition 10oz white frosted glass containers that are not only beautiful but are reusable.

  • Ceremony
  • Woodland Forest
  • Smudge
  • Power Smudge
  • Indian Summer
  • Giving Thanks
  • Matriarch
  • Summer Solstice
  • Winter Solstice Maskwa

Undyed, 100% natural soybean/coconut wax made with DeMontigny's unique and original blends of essential oils and essences, is poured into 10oz limited edition white glass containers. Soybean & coconut wax is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, also burns cleaner and longer than other types of wax candles.

Additional details:

  • Quantity: 10oz
  • Wick + packaging: Single cotton wick, in reusable white glass container
  • Burn time: 60+ hours
  • Ingredients: Soy & coconut wax, essential blended oils

Read here for candle care info and here for potential shipping delays due to COVID-19.

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Natural. Holistic.
Indigenous designed - Made in Canada